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Venice's Choice for Bicycle Removal

The Bicycle Whisperer is Venice’s choice for bicycle removal. That's right—the expert bike repairmen and sellers down here in Venice do more than just get your old bike back up and running or put you on a new one—we also offer bike removal and recycling. Has it been awhile since you've gotten on your bike? Has it been sitting outside through the heat, beach fog, and occasional rain the past few months? Or have you picked up a brand-new bike and no longer need your old one? The Bicycle Whisperer can help. We'll arrange a pick-up where we remove your bike—no matter how dusty, rusted, or cobweb-infested—and take it back to our shop. It's that simple.

The Bicycle Whisperer has been making a name for itself since we opened shop in 2008 by providing outstanding customer service, quick repairs, and decent prices on new and old bikes. That's why we've expanded our business to include harder to find services such as bike assembly and bike recycling. No matter what it is that we're doing, you can count on us to do it in a friendly and efficient manner that's good for the community. If you have any doubts, check out our online reviews and you'll see that they speak for themselves.

Say Goodbye to Your Bike the Kind Way with Bicycle Recycling

Bicycle recycling from the Bike Whisperer is just another way that we try and do what's best for the cycling communities of Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey. We're more than happy to come and pick up any unwanted bikes—at no cost—and recycle them. Whether that means repairing the bike and finding it a good home or recycling it for parts, both you and the bike will be left happier.

Give the Bicycle Whisperer a call today to arrange a bike pickup or come to our store for any needed repairs or maintenance.

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